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There are so many lessons I've learned over the years that I was constantly reminded of throughout 2023.  The one that sticks with me most is: love your people out loud, as much as you can, so once the inevitable happens, there are no regrets. 


Our group started in 2019 with just four members. Since then, we have grown and established a sound of our own. Most importantly, we've had the opportunity to share our love for music with the public at over 50 music venues, restaurants and small businesses throughout Wisconsin.

On behalf of Quincy Holloway, Demetrus Ford, Stu Greenbaum, Nate Pflughoeft, Tommy Gallagher, Thomas Malloy and myself, we extend a very special thank you to all the promoters, business owners, engineers, artists, musicians, fans and supporters. Shuga Blu could not do what we love if it weren't for you!


Join us as we celebrate the years gone by and each other in 2024.


Blessings, joy and peace to one and all from the bottom of my heart, 


Keshena Armon   


Music Director, Shuga Blu             

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