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Masai People in Zanzibar Tanzania


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Keshena Armon is an independent musical artist specializing in soulful, uplifting music. With a mission to craft musical experiences that touch hearts and inspire listeners to make the most of their lives, the singer/songwriter has been performing, composing and educating for over 25 years. This summer, Keshena has been offered a unique opportunity to travel to Kenya and Uganda for six weeks, and to use her professional development experience to explore new sounds, collaborate with fellow educators and facilitate inclusion of the East African experience upon her return to the US. There is no doubt Keshena will write new material as she dives into understanding the indigenous language of Kiswahili and design innovative international and intercultural courses of study. We invite you to follow her journey and to listen to her creative expressions as they unfold.


The Odyssey: Teaching Environmental  Sustainability in East Africa through a Social Justice Lens

Participants are required to participate in online and in-person pre-travel activities, attend and fully engage in the program in Kenya and Uganda, create a lesson plan and an individual project related to their field of teaching, contribute to the Swahili language program, participate in post-program activities, and give a professional development workshop or presentation.

Fixing Hair
Fixing Hair

Empowering Local Artists: How You Can Help Support 

Keshena Armon Music Company is a minority owned and founded organization that was created in 2008. It was inspired by music experiences and travels throughout America, Jamaica, and Spain and focuses on education through the arts. The importance of public support is paramount to the success of the educators in all fields. There are many ways to show your support, such as booking a show, donating, or spreading the word about their mission. These contributions are invaluable and will help ensure that Keshena and her team can continue to bring its inspiring message of education through the arts to communities throughout Wisconsin. For more information on how you can show your support, email


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